Vine Associates is focused on key “back office” functions aimed at making the work of other organizations more effective. We focus mainly on groups that are linked to Societal Transformation in its many forms:

  1. An administrative and fund raising umbrella for other ministries, such as that of Dr. Charlie Self, alumni serving overseas, and local marketplace ministers.
  2. Handling finances for volunteers who would work with marketplace partners such as The Institute in training and going on Ventures.
    • Vine handles the finances for trainees who will volunteer their time to serve, generally overseas
    • Vine pays the on-the-ground expenses for hotels, rental cars, meals etc. pertaining to the teams that travel
    • Vine has its own direct expenses, such as key staff and a bookkeeper
    • Vine reimburses partners for training costs related to volunteers
    • The Institute develops the intellectual property for the training of people on Ventures, just as Dr. Self develops his content for his public speaking.
  3. Mobilizing trainers to work on joint projects.
  4. Special projects consistent with Vine’s purpose.
  5. Handling the staffing of key members who worked on religious worker visas. These are typically people who have worked with us overseas and come to work in a mostly volunteer capacity in the US for a short term tour.

What we see today is rightly described as a “marketplace partnering relationship” between various entities, each contributing what they do best. Vine Associates handles program-related volunteer-funding and core staff financing (who are working for Vine Associates directly). Vine handles the administration functions and tax filings for those serving under the Vine umbrella. The entities Vine serves are the “customer facing” organizations and individuals who handle product/program development, product marketing, some aspects of training, and product delivery to end clients.