Under the guidance of our board, we decided to make South Africa a focus of our work for the near future. We are building a bridge between our overseas alumni and SA clients and consultants in a new phase of mobility for our rēp Community. Plan on joining us for key events, or take time out and spend a season with us in sunny South Africa. We are establishing The i4 Center. Since mid-2016 we have revitalized the rēp Community in South Africa, and the training is gaining momentum. We had about 100 people go through training in 2017, and have seven training sites in Africa in 2018. The expectation is that this will increase again in 2019. We are also working on a rēp Residence, a new training and hospitality place for the rēp Community.

What about the rēp Community in the US?

First, you will be in the good hands of our rēp Marketplace Mentors who are available to help you work through matters of work-faith-life integration. We are so proud of them and 110% confident they will do an excellent job. Second, we will be back routinely, reconnecting, updating and urging you to be a part of this next phase of rēp.

Brett & Lyn are actively looking to purchase a long-term family home in the USA.

To contribute to Brett and Lyn’s endeavors you can: