A Season in Cape Town, South Africa

Brett & Lyn will be spending some time in SA. For this new season, how can you be involved? Three ways come to mind:


  1. Come and join us sometime soon: we are hoping to have two rēp trip coordinators, one at each end of the bridge. They will work with us so we can connect you to specific initiatives, or craft things around your skills and passions. (Not willy-nilly, of course, as we will be doing things like Convergence, POD Training, Days of Purpose for industries, Heartistry, Repurposing Capital, The Big Weekend (never happened in SA in our format), and the Alumni Weekend, to name just some activities.)
  2. Help fund the cost of what it takes to build a bridge between North America and SA. Help anchor each end stably, financially and in prayer, so that many may come and go. Contributions can be made through this Vine Associates site.
  3. Pray for us. Not randomly, but take us on as a prayer project for a few years. We will need it. We are up against some giants of repute, and will need solid prayer cover.
  4. Be a regular monthly supporter for 2016.